Saturday, July 6, 2013


Hello loves.

There's some upheaval on all fronts here at the Press.

The Lost Lab is moving house and will probably be out of commission for at least 3 weeks. Editing will be slightly slowed.
There are changes happening here at the Den, but they shouldn't impact the press too much. (My husband, Mudd the Mighty, is off on a long term adventure, so today is a day of much hustling and bustling)

A note:
Email, contracts etc will only be dealt with during office hours. These are Monday-Friday, 9-5.
Anything that comes in on a weekend will be dealt with Monday, so don't panic if you send your manuscript of The Greatest Novel Ever, Really! to us on Saturday and don't hear before Tuesday.

Author Packets.
We now have an author packet. You should get this when you are accepted.
It has
The Pre Edit guide and Template
The Book info and cover art form
A FAQ file
A sample contract. This is NOT your contract. This is a standard one for you to read over before you get the Echo Sign one.
If you prefer paper contracts, let me know before I send the Echo Sign one.
A reminder that all IS contracts are negotiable on most points. (the royalty percentage is not. It is as high as I can make it and still pay the other people involved in the book)

Please let me know. We are here to work with you and make your experience a good one.

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