Thursday, June 13, 2013


Oh ducks, I have discovered Pinterest and made it all my own!

That place is the bad monkey crack. I can waste hours enjoying the porn.

Food porn of yummy looking meals and fabulous desserts.

Craft porn of every sort. Crocheting, knitting, decoupage, building and painting and I am SO making those cute little lamps!

And of course the beautiful places I will never visit. Okay, I've been to a couple of them.

And sexy people? They abound, their pictures appearing between luscious desserts and adorable free fonts.

Pinterest is more dangerous than Facebook or Livejournal. While those places may induce you to spend real money for virtual games, Pinterest suggests you go out and buy ingredients and make your own avocado popsicles and glass mushrooms for your garden.

It seems to say, with a few pallets and paint, you can build all the furniture you need! Here's how to silkscreen those free fonts and public domain maps onto your spiffy new bench!

I'm valarltd there. And the press is there too, as inkySooky

Happy Pinning!

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